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About Us

What We Do

LaunchWorks is a specialized provider of Embedded Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions.  Our singular focus is to enhance the effectiveness of our customers by harnessing their data regardless of where or how it is stored.  Our strategy is to provide our clients with the ability to access reports located in various BI platforms directly within the applications they use on a daily basis.

Our product suite provides a variety of options to meet your BI requirements.  We:

1) Provide embedded analytic reporting for users looking to access reports from within, Sharepoint, Outlook, Chrome and customized web applications.

2)  Interface with a variety of platforms including BusinessObjects, Cognos, Tableau, and Meditech 6.1 as examples.

3)  Reduce the time and costs of embedded analytics whether the user is looking to purchase a solution or build their own.

4)  Provide a middle ware solution that enables external customer facing and internal users to access and embed reports across multiple platforms and applications.

5)  Enable customers to connect to their on-premise databases, from within cloud based solutions, SaaS or custom built applications while meeting their advanced security requirements.


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