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Complete Analytics Solution


Does your organization need to enhance your decision-making process but lacks the basic framework for a Business Intelligence (BI) solution?  Rapid Stack is your answer.  Rapid Stack provides everything you need to create a complete BI system within a single integrated package.  As a trusted SAP partner, LaunchWorks can bundle necessary Business Object licenses, our LaunchPortal, and our BI expertise to design and implement a complete  BI Solution.  By coupling the capabilities provided by our front end LaunchPortal  application with a right-sized back end Business Objects system,  you will  have access to your BusinessObjects® reports and dashboards through a multi-tenant web portal that can be accessed securely by internal users or external customers.


Why Rapid Stack?

Reports Accessible in Any Application – Rapid Stack brings out information value from any application.  It is a best of breed reporting system that enables users to access vital reports and data within the applications they use on a daily basis.  There is no need for users to toggle between systems in order to gain the insight they need to do their job effectively.  Reports are accessible in from intranet, portals, and Outlook.

Real-time Access to your Data – Rapid Stack connects to your web application data in real time so there is no delay in reports form a data warehouse whether they are in the cloud or on premise or in a hybrid system.

A White Labeled/Multi-Tenant Solution – The solution can be expanded to embed reporting, BI and analytics into any web application.  Your employees, partners and customers can all access to vital data to drive your business and achieve a large ROI.

Customizable Security – Rapid Stack Integrates with AD, LDAP and Cloud security and mirrors your security authentication on a user by user basis within the system.

Unlimited Content and Visualization Creation Capabilities – Our integrated  RapidStack Packages come with semantic layers, reports, dashboards, and   for SalesForce, Meditech, Lodge-ical, and your proprietary applications

No Development Skills Required to Implement & Utilize – The Simple installation process and LaunchWorks support means you are up and running in hours, not days or weeks.  Once the system is deployed, No development skills are necessary. Custom reports can be developed by any user.

Extremely Cost Effective – If cost has been the issue that has prohibited you from pursuing a BI solution in the past,  Rapid Stack offers an incredible value.

So, if you are looking for a full-suite analytics solution and the expert knowledge to get it scoped, sized, and implemented correctly, please request a demo or provide your contact information through the website and we can help guide you through the acquisition process.

Layers in the Stack

  1. Database Connect to SFDC and other packages
  2. Reports, Dashboards and Exploration Views
  3. Web Services Wizard connecting to SFDC and On premise data
  4. Report Launch Provides RapidStack and SFDC Reports together
  5. is not bogged down with data just for reporting
  6. Content is embedded without developer skills


Current Flow

ETL Limited data loaded into on a nightly basis
SFDC Data Modified in
SFDC DASHBOARD Data Reported on limited view in
ETL Data Exported out of and integrated with on premise data
BI Data Summarized and Analyzed in separate interface

With RapidStack


ETL Data stays in Enterprise
SFDC Data stays in SFDC
SFDC DASHBOARD Data is Queried from SFDC
ETL Data is Queried from Enterprise
BI Merged data visualized in


The Full Package!

  • Highly integrated User interface provides a seamless experience on desktop and mobile
  • Simple installation means you are up and running in hours, not days or weeks
  • Unlimited content and visualization creation capabilities means your basic and advanced users are all covered
  • Private Cloud and on-premise options
  • Integrate with AD, LDAP and Cloud security
  • No development skills necessary


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