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Embed reports into multiple applications using a single BI solution.

The Product

Report Launch

Report Launch allows you to embed reports from your BI platforms, including SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise, Tableau, Cognos, and SSRS, into your externally facing  applications for departments, partners, and vendors to access.

The application provides an instant web portal front-end that can be accessed via web browsers as well as both iOS and Android devices. The portal leverages the authentication layer from your existing platform deployment or your LDAP based directory server so you do not need to maintain two sets of permissions for a user.

In addition to the instant portal, Report Launch is built to be the embedded reporting layer to your own applications. You can use Report Launch to integrate reporting from your BI platform into your web portals, CRM/ERP systems,
touchscreen kiosks, and mobile apps. You can accomplish this with a single line of HTML code and have your reports embedded within minutes.

Key Benefits

SAP Certified Solution

Report Launch is an out-of-the-box SAP add-on. Within a matter of days, you will be able to share a large variety of reports based on SAP data and carry out advanced analysis.

No Custom Code Needed

Direct access to SQL, SalesForce reports and queries and Web Services.

Salesforce Integration

Get more out of Salesforce: Integrate information from legacy ERP, other cloud apps (and other systems) into Report Launch to create a 360-degree, customer-centric view.

Cloud or Hosted Solutions

Chose an environment that is safe, secure, easily accessible and relatively low cost.

Use Case

XYW  Widget Company has a sophisticated vendor portal with over 300 users. They have a robust set of reports available to internal users and now need to provide a self-service reporting option to their vendors. It is imperative each vendor be confident that their information will remain confidential and secure. Report Launch enables the vendor community to share common report formats with assurance that the SAP BusinessObjects row level security will provide the correct set of permissions to protect financial, Intellectual Property and proprietary information.


Businesses looking to make it easier for their employees to make quicker and better decisions. By making data accessible in the common applications that employees use every day, Report Launch empowers your organization. Commonly utilized BI platforms have limited reporting tools. To further complicate matters, in most organizations, data is spread across different platforms, applications, and data repositories such as data warehouses or data marts. Report Launch bridges this gap by making data available in the applications that your team is already utilizing.

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LaunchWorks worked closely with our team to understand our needs and environment to develop the right kind of content and pace. They were true consultants for an end to end BI experience: system/data architecture, training, governance strategy, and ongoing user engagement.

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Connect With a Variety of Platforms

BI platforms

BI platforms including SAP Business Objects, Crystal, Cognos, Tableau, and SSRS.

CRM/ERP Applications

CRM/ERP applications such as Microsoft SharePoint and

Any Device

Supports all devices including standard web browsers, iPad/iPhone, Blackberry and Android based mobile devices from a single server instance.

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