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Embedded Reporting Solutions


The Report Launch Module is the core of the Launch Portal software platform enabling the and SAP BusinessObjects Integration solution. The key benefits to implementing Report Launch are:

  • Out-of-Box, SAP Certified Solution
  • Embedded analytics requiring no customized code
  • and SAP BusinessObjects secure integration
  • Ability to work in the cloud or in a hosted data center

Export Reports

Report Launch allows you to embed reports from your SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise system into your externally facing applications for departments, partners, and vendors to access. The application provides an instant web portal front end that can be retrieved by standard web browsers and popular Microsoft®, Android®, and iOS devices. The portal leverages the authentication layer from your SAP BusinessObjects deployment or your LDAP based directory server so you do not need to maintain two sets of permissions for a user.

Embed Reports

In addition to the instant portal, Report Launch was built to be the embedded reporting layer to your own applications. You can use Report Launch to integrate reporting from SAP BusinessObjects into your web portals, CRM/ERP systems, touchscreen kiosks, and mobile apps. You can accomplish this with a single line of HTML and have your reports embedded within minutes.

Refresh Reports

Report Launch offers a sophisticated caching mechanism that provides quick response times to your users while enabling you to make both report format and parameter changes on your SAP BusinessObjects backend. Report Launch detects those changes in real-time, refreshes the cache, and presents the latest data to your users.

Simplify Reports

Report Launch enables you to bypass certain semantic layers when simplicity is your design goal. Our application enables an option for direct access to your SQL database using enhanced dynamic and cascading parameters as well as direct access to SalesForce reports, SalesForce Queries and Web Services.

Integrate Reports

Report Launch integrates with the following SAP products: BusinessObjects, Web Intelligence®, Crystal Reports®, and Xcelsius® / SAP Dashboards, Reports.

Example Use Case

XYW Widget Company has a sophisticated vendor portal with over 300 users.  The have a robust set of reports available to internal users and now need to provide a self-service reporting option to the vendors.  It is imperative each vendor be confident their information will remain confidential and secure.  Report Launch enables the vendor community to share common report formats with assurance that the SAP BusinessObjects row level security will provide the correct set of permissions to protect financial, Intellectual Property and proprietary information.

Launch Portal Modules

Report Launch
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Content Viewers: Crystal Reports®, Web Intelligence®, Xcelsius®, SAP Dashboards, SalesForce Reports

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, & UNIX

Deployment: Private Cloud, On-premise, DMZ






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