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Real-Time Alerts

Activity Launch is a rapid notification framework that detects significant events in both your data and user access to your data. It interprets the deep levels of data into activity that is critical to your business. Once you set the events that require your attention, Activity Launch is working in real-time to notify you when those events transpire.

Analyze Alerts

Activity Launch provides all of the secure reporting features as the rest of the Launch Portal platform does. Our platform provides multiple alert reports for your analysis.

Complex Alerts

Activity Launch can monitor multiple server instances in your infrastructure. Its highly optimized query-based architecture allows for low overhead and scalability. This gives you the ability to monitor for thousands of events and send alerts to thousands of people. You can have a separate messaging template for each event or choose to use a global template. Activity Launch also has an alert lifecycle tool that enables you to create complex event workflows, enabling events to escalate to other recipients.

Sample Use Case

The Acme General Hospital has experienced increased instances where electronic charts have not been updated with critical information. The executive team is deeply concerned about the possibility of the staff prescribing the wrong medications due to a lack of critical patient information in the chart. Activity Launch can monitor the entire EMR system and detect when a prescription has been ordered, but the corresponding update in the chart has not been completed and will notify supervisory staff. The executive team has access to real-time drill-down reports on these incidents for quality control purposes.

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