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For the first time, embedded analytics has become a top priority for executive management.  More and more CEO’s are driving their teams to embed their data and become more efficient as they optimize their business intelligence strategy.

For those companies and organizations that have their own SDK development team, Launchworks has developed a Restful API Controller that dramatically reduces the complexity of developing your own application from the bottom up.


Typical coding work
can be reduced by 90%



Launch BI for Business Objects

The Launch BI controller is the engine underneath our own ReportLaunch’s Restful Integration and is actively supported in development on current and future versions of BusinessObjects.


Common functions include

  • Logon/Logoff
  • Get Report List
  • Geport Report Object
  • Get Prompts
    • Get LOV
    • GetCascadingLOV
  • Set Prompts
  • Get Output/Viewer

We include javadocs and our own Restful value checker which can also speed up your development


Launch BI for Salesforce

The Reports and Dashboards API via Apex revolutionizes the way that you access and visualize your data. You can:

  • Integrate report data into custom objects.
  • Integrate report data into rich visualizations to animate the data.
  • Build custom dashboards.
  • Automate reporting tasks.

At a high level, the API resources enable you to query and filter report data. You can:

  • Run tabular, summary, or matrix reports synchronously or asynchronously.
  • Filter for specific data on the fly.
  • Query report data and metadata.

If you have interest please contact us for a walk through and the low cost subscriptions available starting at $199.

Build vs. Buy

Almost every enterprise application purchase comes down to a Build vs. Buy Decision. More than likely, you are probably an IT influencer or decision maker researching LaunchPortal in a Build vs. Buy comparison. Your requirements are that you must provide BI reports and dashboards in different formats to external customers, vendors, or other departments. These deliverables must be secure, scalable, and comply with both internal and governing standards.

We understand your position. The LaunchWorks application stack was built from 10+ years of customer consulting on the Build decision. We can tell you exactly how long it takes to build report and dashboard functionality into an external application using the BusinessObjects SDK. You can expect to allocate 3 developers for 6 to 9 months in a Build decision. We are confident in this for two reasons: we have significant experience supporting these consulting engagements and we regularly assist new customers who come to us frustrated with the results of their Build decision. Every conversation starts with “It took us 3 developers and 6 months to try this on our own…”

Refer to the chart below which is a side-by-side comparison of a “3 developers for 6 months” cost verses buying our LaunchPortal application:


Per the table above, the decision to buy is self-evident and all inclusive. You achieve success relative to implementation timing, resourcing, and cost.   In addition, 3 of your valuable resources are now available to work on projects that are probably better aligned with their core competencies.

For more information, contact LaunchWorks sales.

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