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Report Launch is the core of the LaunchPortal software platform. Report Launch allows you to embed reports from your Business Objects Enterprise system straight to your external departments, partners, and vendors. The application provides an instant web portal front end that can be accessed by standard web browsers and popular Microsoft, Android, Blackberry, and iPad/iPhone devices. The portal leverages the authentication layer from your Business Objects deployment or your LDAP based directory server so you do not need to maintain two sets of permissions for a user.

Launch Portal

The LaunchWorks Launch Portal™ for BusinessObjects® enables enterprises to consume and monetize business intelligence. Our software easily integrates with your BusinessObjects implementation, embedding self-service reporting into any application on any network. We satisfy your compliance needs by providing granular user access controls, comprehensive access logging, and real time alerting.

Rapid Stack

RapidStack brings all the Analytics tools needed to provide the bridge between on-premise data and cloud based applications without the expense of moving data between those layers.


We have built turnkey products that require no coding to embed BI into your apps but we do understand its not for everyone.

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