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Share Dashboards

Dashboard Launch enables you to display SAP Dashboards (Xcelsius) and Business Objects Web Intelligence Reports via the Launch Portal framework.  Dashboard Launch enhances your external end-user experience by adding rich and colorful dashboards to your portals.

Embed Dashboards

When Dashboard Launch is used, part of the Launch Portal framework, you can embed your dashboards in any of your own portals, SaaS applications, CRM/ERP systems, touchscreen kiosks, and mobile apps. You can accomplish this with a single line of code and have your dashboards embedded within minutes.

Not just Dashboards

The Launch Portal technology allows for the visualization of Microsoft Office ® documents, PDF files, videos and more in a secure browser for your users.  Web based administration means users do not need IT support to move files onto the server.

Recent Improvements now allow following content types

SAP Content                                       Office Content                                   BI Platforms

Crystal Reports®                               Microsoft Word                                Centigon CMaps

Web Intelligence®                            Microsoft Excel                                 SalesForce Reports 1

Xcelsius® / SAP Dashboards         Microsoft PowerPoint                    Tableau Dashboards

Lumira Stories                                   Adobe PDF                                        APOS Publisher

SAP Explorer                                      Flash Videos                                     Antivia DecisionPoint


Connected Dashboards

Dashboard Launch contains a series of connectors that enable you to present multiple source data types in your dashboards. The solution embeds into your custom and SaaS applications with a simple HTTP call. Our software supports all devices including standard web browsers, iPad/iPhone®, or Android® based mobile phone from a single server instance. The application supports the most common formats: PDF, Flash, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML5, HTML, Crystal Reports, SOAP Services, and Google API map data.

Managed Dashboards

Dashboard Launch leverages the Launch Portal authentication framework. You can choose to set user and group permissions on dashboard access based on BusinessObjects, Active Directory or LDAP based user authentication.  Dashboard Launch detects authentication policy changes in real-time and can adjust the interface access permissions, dashboard content, logo and colors.


The Dashboard Launch solution provides single-sign-on integration for and BusinessObjects.  Dashboard Launch captures the required user credentials, contacts the BusinessObjects server for authentication, and retrieves only the content the user can access.

Deployment: On-premise, DMZ, Private Cloud

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, & UNIX


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