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Making better decisions from data does not require you to switch applications or export data into other platforms. Report Launch for SalesForce provides a better way to access, interact, personalize and export reports


Report Launch allows you to interact with reports from both and multiple other BI platforms in one application. The application provides a interface that can be accessed by standard web browsers and popular Microsoft, Android, Blackberry, and iPad/iPhone devices. The application leverages the authentication layer from your BI platform so you do not need to maintain two sets of permissions for a user.


ReportLaunch for Salesforce




Report Interaction

Interact with Salesforce

Access and interact with your Reports in SFDC

Personalize Reports

Explore the Data

Change columns, change sorts, add alerts and data visualizations then automatically apply those settings on updated data

Pivot your Data

Pivot Data without Exporting

Slice and dice your data directly within Salesforce without exporting to Excel

Application Integration

Access Your Reports

Connect Salesforce with any and all of your BI applications and remove the need for multiple log-ons and going back and forth between applications.

ReportLaunch for Salesforce
ReportLaunch for Salesforce


  • Take data driven Salesforce reports and allow for
    • Interaction
    • Personalization
    • Alerts
    • Graphs and Maps
    • Multiple export formats
  • Provides access and quick search across Salesforce reports and other reporting systems
  • Easy set-up! Users can Install right out of the App Store.
  • Out of the box and easy to set up Solutions for:
    • Slice and Dice Analytics
    • Visualization of Data in Cluster Maps
  • Additional Functionality available with RapidStack for Salesforce
    • Complete Analytics Portal data and other data
    • Includes access to report designer, interactive maps designer, document management, exploration views, Report Creation Wizard, Report Bursting, etc
ReportLaunch for Salesforce
ReportLaunch for Salesforce

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