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Companies are continually implementing enterprise BI initiatives at a fierce pace to meet the needs of developing KPI dashboards, drill downs analytics, and reports to drive process, profitability, and direction. Read any respected business or IT journal and BI always makes the “Top 5” list under expenditures and initiatives. Competing with BI in these top spots are cloud applications such as As the requirements for technology outpace an IT team’s ability to deliver, lines of business are increasingly looking towards based services to quickly deploy technology and to bring CRM, Customer Portals and Service Desk platforms online.

However, this adoption of both cloud and on-premise systems presents problems for an IT team when it comes to a user’s capability to consume enterprise BI. Even though the Enterprise BI implementation satisfies business requirements, the lack of access to BI within the application discourages consumption of the BI implementation and impedes SalesForce workflows. To be the most effective they must be in the same application.

Neither SAP nor provide an out-of-the-box solution to solve integration of BusinessObjects to Most customers revert to data syncrhonization – Moving data between the cloud and on premise data for the sake of a single analytics interface. This process is labor intensive, error prone, costly and does not leverage the strengths of platforms like SAP BusinessObjects.   While this may be acceptable for enterprises with huge resources, most companies would prefer a more agile kind of integration.

The BusinessObjects to integration solution



The Report Launch tools remove all of the complexity out of BusinessObjects to integration. By using a simple Embedded Analytics gateway, the tool provides a flexible BusinessObjects to SalesForce integration within days and at a fraction of the money and time spent on the custom-build alternatives.

Report Launch uses the’s ability to call external applications in its “Web Tabs” and “Page” features. By using a simple syntax, a administrator configures tabs and dashboards to make these HTTPS calls to the Report Launch application server located in the company’s DMZ or internal network. The Report Launch application converts the request into a series of BusinessObjects API calls dynamically and returns the BusinessObjects® response to in HTML format.

Embedded Analytics

The bridge between the applications becomes the embedded web layer which is a more efficient and flexible way to provide Embedded Analytics than data copies.  This method is also more flexible as report access, report layout and Dashboard content can be changed in real time.

Developers don’t need to create custom applications or code in Likewise, it’s not necessary to modify assets in your BusinessObjects implementation for desktop or mobile viewing.

Once Report Launch is configured and connected to BusinessObjects®, the® administrator can quickly create or add tabs and page mashups for users. By learning the simple Report Launch URL Syntax, the administrator can easily place BusinessObjects reports, report parts, SAP Dashboard components, or entire report lists within


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